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General Accident Telematics is no longer available for new policies.

Aviva Insurance Limited, who underwrite this policy have a similar product called Quotemehappy Connect, full details available here.


We at General Accident believe you should be rewarded for how safely you drive your car.

Our telematics policy offers you the chance to earn a personalised renewal premium by driving safely.

How does it work?

GA Telematics uses technology to give you a premium that is calculated based on how you drive.

Depending on your model of car we either give you a small plugin device which you can self-install inside your car, or we arrange for an engineer to professionally install an alternate device, more suitable for your car.

You will receive an initial upfront Telematics price at purchase, and your driving behaviour throughout the year will be taken into account when calculating your renewal premium.

Helping you become a better driver

You can keep track of your driving and the score for each journey in the App. Achieving a score above 70 for all your journeys is important. We consider a score of under 50 to not be safe. So, if your score were to fall below 50 we will send you a warning to improve your driving. You can refer to the App on safe driving behaviours and tips to improve your score.

If your driving doesn’t improve and you receive 3 warnings within any 30-day period, we will give you notice to cancel your policy. It’s therefore really important to keep your score above 70 - the higher your score, the safer your driving.

Excessive speeding could also result in your policy being cancelled.

Why choose it?

  • Safer young drivers could pay less at renewal – if you’re between 17-24, hold a British or EU licence and are a resident of Great Britain, you could be eligible for a GA Telematics price – insurance which includes a Telematics device to monitor your driving. You’ll receive a personalised renewal premium and safer drivers could pay less for safer driving.
  • No tools required – we take care of any installation required unless you are sent one of our small plug-in devices. Then just plug it in, download the GA app and start driving.
  • Free App – available from Apple and Android stores to keep track of all journeys (although in most cases there will be a network charge for the data used).
  • There’s more information about our Telematics cover in our Telematics Terms and Conditions Document (opens as a PDF).