• 24/7 telephone support for new claims
  • Manage your policy online
  • Comprehensive cover
  • Telematics cover
  • Third party, fire & theft cover
  • Make a claim online
  • Live chat available for claims
  • 24/7 telephone support for new claims

About us

Who is General Accident?

You might think we sound familiar. Well, we were in the business for 100 years and now a part of Aviva. This means we’re able to draw on years of expertise to create our insurance policies and deliver great service to our customers. Our customers can buy a policy here on our website, over the phone or through price comparison sites. Then once they’re all set up, they can access and manage their policy online 24/7.

What makes General Accident so different?

At General Accident, we help you navigate insurance. We give our customers support and reassurance when they need us the most. We’re an online insurer, but if you need to, you can talk to us directly Monday to Friday 08:00 to 18:00, Saturday 09:00 to 15:00 and Sunday 10:00 to 14:00 when you’re buying your policy, during the first or last 28 days of your policy or making a new claim.

We found that while many people are happy to buy their car insurance online or through a price comparison site, some people want to speak to someone before they buy it. It might be because it’s the first time they’ve bought car insurance and they want to talk about their cover. Or it might be they’ve not bought insurance online and just want a bit of reassurance. Just remember to have your quote number ready.

We found that if people have a question, it’s usually in the early days of buying their new policy so you can speak to us on the phone during the first 28 days of your policy. Just remember to have your policy number ready.

After 28 days, once your policy is up and running, we don’t provide phone support, you can manage your account online, make changes to your policy, access your insurance details and print any policy documents. If you do need help, you can email our Customer Services team. Of course, you can call our dedicated claims line day or night should you ever need to make a new claim.

You’ll also get phone support during the last 28 days of your policy while you’re deciding whether or not to renew. Once you’ve chosen to renew, you can make changes by logging into My account.

You can also manage your account online, make amends yourself, access your insurance details and print policy documents whenever you want.